States Providing Cell Phones to Low-Income Residents

Cell phones have become an integral part of one’s life.  It is a necessary tool for many reasons including staying in touch with loved ones, making emergency phone calls, as well as holding a job and having the ability to contact your employer.  Because cell phones are considered a necessity this day in age, the government has authorized phone companies to provide free cell phones and service to millions of Americans.

LifeLine Assistance is the government program providing free cell phones to America’s financially disadvantaged families.  49 states across the country including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico offer this programs to Americans who fall below a certain income level.  If you receive government assistance (SNAP, SSI, Section 8 etc.) you may automatically be eligible for the service. Depending on location, you can receive anywhere from 250 to an unlimited number of talk minutes and text each month. 

See Eligibility Requirements

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