How to Make Money on Surveys


Online surveys are all over the internet. Many people are making money with them. Some folks make some good cash from it but others do not do nearly as well. There are a few things which you must take into account before you can really make money on surveys.

You need to be aware that some survey companies will indeed pay you, but most of them will not. Only around 1 in every 4 are trustworthy. These are the companies you need to make your money from. You can do a search for survey companies and see which ones are recommended. It may seem a little long winded but it is worth taking the time to find out who does what.

Any scam companies will be listed on many web pages so it will be pretty obvious which companies to avoid.

Out of the rest of them, it will be a case of 'try them and see'. The majority of companies will not ask you for a set up or registration fee. If this is the case, there s nothing to stop you from signing with as many free ones as you can and test them out, one at a time.

Try sending an email to the company. How quick do they respond. Or will you get ANY response at all? Is there any other way to contact the company, such as traditional mail address or land line phone number? Does the website itself look professionally made or does it look like the website was put together by a 4 year old?

All of the above can tell you if the survey company is a helpful company. If you find that they are helpful and easy to contact, they will probably be one of the good guys and pay you in a timely fashion for any surveys you undertake for them.

By sticking with these simple guidelines, you'll increase your chances of avoiding the scam companies and you'll be able to make money on surveys.


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