Making Money With Paid Surveys


Completing paid surveys is an easy way to make extra money while not leaving the comfort of your own home. It’s easy money, no experience necessary and most of the time there is no membership fee. Companies need to have your valuable input on their products and for that; they offer prizes, money, gifts, trips, all the bells and whistles. If you have a computer that is connected to the internet, you are in business. And the money from these surveys can go as far as to double and triple your income, depending on how much time you spend in front of the computer. Your income level is left entirely up to you and the number of surveys you fill out.

How it works is that brand name merchandisers like Sony, Whirlpool, Chef Boy-ar- Dee, who are looking for consumer opinions on their products, their advertising methods, everything that touches the public produces a survey and enters it with a survey company. The way they obtain the desired public information is by soliciting it through the surveys. And that is where you come in. There are literally 100’s of paid survey websites out there.

Pick one and try it out. Once you are enrolled, they will send the surveys directly to your mailbox. You then have the choice to accept it or not. Short entry-level surveys, or screeners usually pay in gifts – DVD players, things like that. When you participate in the full survey, then you will be paid for those that you do complete. They try to match the surveys to your skills, abilities and preferences, so you get ones you like. And it’s just that simple.

When choosing a company to enroll with, look for these few things.

o What is the membership fee?

o Is the company entered with BBB?

o Check to see that your email name and info will not be sold to another company.

o Do they provide any testimonials on their website

Here is one way to make some extra money, on the web that is very straightforward. If you want to make some extra money – here is a simple, no-risk way to add to your bank account.


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