Surveys For Money – How Do They Work?

Many of us make time for scrolling through our social media feeds, watching funny online videos and getting lost in blog posts.  While funny cat videos can be quite entertaining, you could be spending your spare time earning some extra income.  There are a growing number of research companies and paid survey sites that offer rewards for your opinions.

What Are Paid Survey Sites?

We live in a world where the consumer’s experience is key when building a successful product.  Companies typically conduct product tests, focus groups, interviews, and surveys prior to investing in an idea to avoid wasting time and money. Many companies utilize online market research obtained through paid surveys, to improve upon their products, capture user insights and build new marketing strategies.  As an incentive for consumers to complete online surveys, there are usually rewards or other forms of compensation involved.  Once these sites have collected consumer data online, the information is provided to companies looking to know more about their target audience.

How It Works

To begin, you must register with a paid survey site, provide your name, email and usually your PayPal information.  Each paid survey site varies when it comes to process but there are a few common practices you should expect.  Once signed up you will have an opportunity to earn money or points for each survey, poll or questionnaire you complete and submit.  Many times, surveys will be sent to you via email on a daily basis.  Points earned can normally be redeemed for product discounts, gift cards, cash back or cash payment.  It’s important to remember, you may not qualify for each survey based on the demographic information or other specific requirements the survey is targeting.  In some instances, these sites offer options to receive free sample products in exchange for your opinion on the item. 

Start Making Money

Paid online survey sites are a great opportunity to earn money.  It is something you can do from the comfort of your own home and in your free time.  If you’d like to try it out here’s how to start:

Find a legitimate survey site – There are tons of paid survey sites out there and even more scams.  Be sure to find one that is right for you.  Read the terms thoroughly and review the Privacy Policy and security features to ensure your information will be kept safe and confidential.

Create An Account – Sign up for the paid survey site to become a member.  Many sites will even offer incentives for signing up.  Creating an account should be free, beware of sites asking for payment just to sign up.

Email Confirmation – Most paid survey sites require you to verify your email address via a confirmation email that is sent upon signing up.  Be sure to check your email and confirm your email address to activate your account.

Start Surveys – Normally, these sites will send surveys to you via email.  Be sure to check your emails on a regular basis.  You may even be compensated for opening emails from the survey site, definitely something to look into when choosing a site to sign up for.  There may be limits on the number of surveys you can complete daily or time limits in which you have to complete surveys.  To make the most of your time, be aware of these constraints.

Redeem Your Rewards – Once you have completed a few surveys, you should be able to redeem your points for rewards or payments.  In some instances, you may have to earn a certain amount of points prior to redemption. 

Participating in paid online surveys is a great way to supplement your income and earn a little extra each month.  Earnings will not substitute a livable wage but can add up and help you reach financial goals faster.

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